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About Us

Bizpro was established back in 2002 aiming to serve IT and Telecommunication projects. Today, Bizpro serves mainly Energy, Electronics, Informatics, Telecom, Finance, Construction, Automotive, Food and Aviation sectors.

With recent developments in technology in recent years the companies have started to swift and change both their management and their way of managing. Much of the studies shows that  project management is  necessary for most of the institutions and the organizations which are both  aiming to swift and change  and  become easily managable. We see that the companies which have formed organizational project management culture are more capable of  completing the project within the specified time and cost, and also determining the correct use of resources and communication channels, these type of companies  can respond quickly to changes and they are much more faster  for taking action as a result of this these companies  can evaluate and report the project performance efficiently.

Since the first day of its establishment, Bizpro  has involved in many educational and consultancy projects with its consultants. Bizpro is an expert of Project Management , in this context , it contiues to provide consulting and training services.In order to establish  and  deepen the organizational Project Management Culture, Bizpro is continuing its consultancy services especially on institutional basis  and/or continuing to give consulting services in project-oriented companies succesfully.