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Bizpro's Project Management Approach
Within Bizpro, there are  professional consultants whom are highly skilled and some with different expertises which are all related to the field  of project management.

Bizpro project team is focused on applying project management methodology and the right management of projects.Bizpro is prviding consulting service. We, as  Bizpro, are  offering our consultancy support to the institutions-companies who are  aiming to manage the present and future projects in  most effective and efficient way.

We are giving the best consultancy service in accordance to the vision and objectives of companies.Within this context, while we are consulting to companies which are active in various sectors , we do also, provide the gain of  -proactive management –approach for effective assistance to the Project Managers of companies that we are consulting.

What are the Benefits of Bizpro's Project Management Approach to an Institution‘s Project Monitoring ?
Bizpro provides to its clients, the establishment of  methodologies and tools which are applied in many companies in an effective way. After the establishment of those methodologies and tools,the client could apply the knowledge into their other projects.

By proceeding in line with project objectives ( With the establishment of ‘right type of ‘ methodologies and tools), the clients will be guaranteing the completion of the project succesfully.

Well structured and fast reporting of the performances of project team with right and well use of projects objectives (quality, budget, scope and time ) 

After the training of  project team members, the optimum use of  the sources will be maintained by the team with their foreseeing of the risk of wastage or the over use of sources.

Bizpro is well provider of tracking the determined objectives and expected benefits which is going to be maintained via- the correct determination of the expected benefits from the project and identifying the correct measurement.
In order to prevent delay – mitigation of the risks of the projects, Bizpro team members provides an excellent early identification of the possible risks which might become a threat to the projects then coordinates-provides communication for the possible solutions.

The essentials for the Succesful Management of  Big and Complex Projects
Succesful Change Management
Stakeholder Management
Vendor Management
The expertise of  carrying out of the technological projects which are complex
To manage  people effectively (both internal and external stakeholders, the project  board members and the partners), strong and effective communication are desired

Giving Consultancy During the Process of the Establishment of Project Management Office (PMO)
Generally, a  PMO's need is noticed by the when there are more than one project to be managed in coordination. Bizpro is aiming to give its support on the every step of the  establishment process of PMOs which is based on the years of experience of consultıng the big and prestigious institutions,organizations and companies.

What we offer to our clients during  the process of PMO establishment 
Defining the PMOs mission-responsibilites and  organizational structure
After, defining the project management methodology and its tools, providing the trainings which are needed
Providing the development and improvement of Project Management processes
Prioritizing the existing project portfolio-determining the responsibles
Formation of the project management tracking and reportings tools
With the application of  project management methodology , we are offering the best and effective consultancy service to our clients during the process of establishment of PMOs. 

We support our customers to apply Project management methodologies for the actions to be taken in the projects, reporting risks, defining and prioritizing the Project portfolio

Providing project oriented support to the PMOs
Either providing support to managing projects or managing the project itself for  the customer

What services we provide to our customers
Determination of the expected utilities and measuraments of the projects
Determination of  the task and responsibilites of  Demand Management processes
Providing support to customers on prioritizing the project portfolio using the project management methodologies and tools
Supporting customers on detetermining  the quality, budget, scope and duration of the objectives to be followed of the project and than determining  the actions to be taken
Determining the potential risks of the projects at the very early stages of process of the project
Making reportings to the senior management office and to the stakeholders of the project
Providing trainings on project management concept to institutions 

Project Management Jargon