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Advanced Project Management  – Content (4 days)
Project Management Framework
Program Management
Portfolio Management
Defining a project life cycle
Cultural-social-economic environmental influences to the projects
Effects of Organization Types (Functional, Matrix and Projectized) to the projects
Project success criteria
Stakeholders, roles and responsibilities
Stakeholder analysis
Project life cycle
Integration management
Controlling gold-plating / scope creep
Use of baselines
Integrated change control
Project selection methods
Scope management
Project constraints
Work Breakdown Structure
Scope verification
Time Management
Developing schedule
Critical Path, calculating slack/float
Crashing and fast tracking
Resource leveling
PERT and Monte Carlo estimate
Control the project
Schedule management plan
Schedule control
Cost estimating (analogous, parametric, bottom up)
Earned Value Analysis
Quality standard for a project
Quality assurance
Quality control with fishbone,pareto, control chart
Poor quality
Quality management plan
Human Resource Management
Staff acquisition
Responsibility chart
Leadership skills
Conflict Management
Motivational theories
Communication management
Risk management
Techniques for identifying risks
Qualitative risk analysis
Quantitative risk analysis
Risk response plans
Procurement Management
Preparing procurement management plan
Selecting contract types
RFP, RFQ preparation
Change control
Stakeholder Management
Learning Objectives
Developing comprehensive project plans
Applying effective stakeholder analysis
Building strong communication management plan
Managing triple constraints
Understanding the importance of critical path
Applying schedule compression techniques
Earned Value Analysis
Effective risk management
Preparing effective status reports